About Us

Films! The five letter word that we live for. We love films.
Watching and making films is what we live for and as the famous saying goes “Do what you love, Love what you do.”, that’s what we precisely do! Our aim is to collaborate with raw talent who stay true to the art of cinema and make some remarkable films.
That is the vision and mission of Mr. Rajesh Kotapadi, the producer and visionary behind KJR Studios. With over 12 years of experience in the banking sector, he has always had an undying love for cinema which resulted in the establishment of KJR studios.
KJR Studios is a name in the Tamil movie industry that is growing slowly with promising potential. In our bags, we have had the pride to produce two big films : Aramm, starring Nayanthara and Gulaebaghavali starring an ensemble cast of Prabhudeva and Hansika, Revathy, Mansoor Ali Khan, Anandaraj, Yogi Babu, Motta Rajendran, and Ramdoss.
Currently we are working on the production of an untitled film starring Nayanthara, directed by Sarjun KM.
We like narrating stories and bringing characters to life. We do stories in an unconventional manner, the untold ones. We consider no dreams, unrealistic. Every person in KJR is a dreamer for films. Hence, with a team of dreamers, sound technicians, we dare to give life to unconventional stories.
We are never afraid to try, we are just afraid not to try. As a film company, we aim to make movies that are entertaining, subjects that are rarely spoken about. As a result, we produce movies that we love, you love and that would always be remembered.